Digital/ Media Arts

Our Digital Media Arts program encompasses courses and instruction in Audio, Video, Digital Media and Creative Writing. We host workshops and events at some of our partner venues and also provide in-school and after school classes. We introduce production teams and work in groups as well as individually.

Dance/ Performing Arts

Our love for the arts is shown in our movement with Dance. We work with some of the world’s top dancers, studios and choreographers to deliver dance workshop and elective opportunities. We connect professionals to community and educational organizations.

Solar & Electrical Eenergy

Teaching the youth about sustainable and green technologies is a joy of STEAM Teams and we offer a variety of courses on Electrical Theory and Photovoltaic Systems, including hands on projects such as building a power station and measuring inputs/outputs. We inform students of the Global implications of energy choices and how to evaluate power use efficiently.


Robotics plays an integral role in many fields of Technology and Engineering and we offer workshops and courses from Elementary through High School. This covers basic skills & programming to more complex skill sets, such as life application projects in team and individual settings

2D & 3D Animation

We offer a variety of animation courses and instruction from storyboarding for Kindergarten to 3D animation (using Industry standard Blender Software) for High School students. We also provide courses on Pixel Art and 2D animation and give students the ability to apply story-telling and creativity to produce their own narratives


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